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We have been spreading
God's Word for 30 years
we motivate for day-to-day reading
and living in accordance with the Scripture



We believe that God's Word has not lost its value,
which is why we distribute it in print, online,
as well as in audio and visual forms.

Non-profit projects

These projects are aimed at spreading God’s Word.


Every year we publish Bibles, study aids or children’s titles.

Book shop

Our complete offer can be found at


Helping the Slovak Bible Society means helping spread God’s Word.

In 2019, thanks to the endeavour of the Slovak Bible Society,
the Bible reached

0 people
unique visits at
128 230
unique users of the Slovak Ecumenical Translation via YouVersion
83 867
 and New Testaments sold
18 703
Bible stories for the deaf people viewed
5 179
Audio Bible
 in MP3 format downloaded

Of these, 92% of people got to the Bible
through the non-profit activities of the Slovak Bible Society.

We see the point. And you?